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Riscali is an innovative Residential Architecture and Structural Engineering firm, aimed at providing provident Architectural and Structural Engineering services within the Residential Building Industry with comfort and ease to either developers, individuals that seek Building House plans services. Riscali also offers Structural Foundation and slab Engineering Designs, signed off by relevant professionals. Here at Riscali we help our clients to put their dream homes to paper, as well as advising first time home builders on all the relevant documentation they would need to submit Building plans or House plans to local authorities for approval. We also guide you through it every step of the way, and hold your hand until the last brick of your home is laid. Our special services includes:

- 3D Modeling & Realistic Renderings (for the client & other Architects)

- Architectural design & Consulting

- Structural Engineering design & Consulting

- SANS 10400 XA Energy Calculations (for the client & other Architects)

Structural Engineering

Riscali offers an extensive Structural Engineering & Structural Design services. Clients can simply give us a call on our office line for a direct line to send their design details through for an obligation free quotation on custom structural engineering design. Riscali mostly specializes in the design of Residential Structures. The Engineering consulting services include assessment of the site if no areal soil data is available, and a custom foundation design for your future home. In the case of double or more storey buildings concrete slabs are designed, this can range from rib and block slab designs with custom concrete beams where required, or solid reinforced concrete slabs depending on the project. We are however not limited to residential structures, our clients can feel free to use our Engineering consulting services for any commercial or industrial project that requires a civil/structural engineer. Our services include the site inspections, NHBRC enrollment forms if required by the client (usually required by the bank for release of a loan) and municipal submission documents completed by the structural engineer

Eco Architecture

Riscali is as a young and innovative company, and therefore strives to keep up with current social, economic en environmental demands. Therefore we have shifted focus on green development and architecture. Green & Eco architecture is an ever increasing topic that started to rise quickly at the beginning of the 21st century.

At Riscali, we provide our clients with many architectural alternatives to the conventional to minimize their carbon footprint; we also assist our clients in getting quotes for certain installations in their area and connect them to the relevant professionals that will assist them with the installations of green technology ,as required on their building plans, nationwide.

By using our services you would not need to find any additional draftsman to do your site layout for your home. We start off by getting your site information, on either our own national database, or by making the process a little faster , our clients have the option of sending us the site and building boundary information that we can start tailor building your virtual home on the site exactly as it should be, relevant, to the point, and perfect. Consultations with Riscali designers are easy and are whenever clients have time to either pick up a phone, or sit behind a computer. Easy, effective and efficient.

Our Team

MD/Structural Engineering & Architecture
Jean Marx

Jean Marx

Qualified and Practiced in Structural Engineering and also Architectural Technology, Leading numerous Residential Construction projects as well as Selected Commercial Experience. Jean is also the MD of the company and handles and distributes incoming Riscali Projects

Creative Director/ Architecture ; Graphic Design
Charl Ubbink

Charl Ubbink

Qualified Specialist in Architecture and Graphic design, interior design and commercial property planning. Charl specializes in Residential projects, and is also experienced in the graphic design for property marketing of residential developments. Web design, coding and IT. Charl is the Creative and financial Director of Riscali

Human Resources & Public relations
Hestie Venter

Hestie Venter

Qualified in project and business management, Hestie brings crucial organizational and administrative qualities to the Riscali team. At our home away from home, Hestie is our orchestrator of warmth and motivation

Our Services

Remote Architecture and Engineering Design

Riscali recently decided to take its architectural & structural engineering services to the internet, the concept idea was to make Riscali a web based company, where clients could have a drafting & architectural service available to them over the internet. Obviously some information exchange would be necessary for the service to run smoothly and for clients to have maximum satisfaction to such a architectural service opposed to meeting in person with an architect.  Through testing and extensive research, the Riscali team came up with a recipe for success

Residential Architectural Design - House Building Plans

Prospective homebuilders or even homeowners that want to do additions to their existing house plans would be able to make use of our services. We have a database available that covers most of South Africa's erven information, along with building and site boundaries of sites. Due to this our clients will be able to dive right into the architectural process with us, instead of wasting time on tedious administrative matters.

Structural Engineering services

Riscali is also equipped with structural engineering resources and will be able to supply its clients with structural design drawings for foundations and also floor and roof slabs should it be required on multi-storey designs. These drawings will be designed by a Structural engineer and can be equipped with an engineering certificate if the construction of your home is within Gauteng or near enough for Riscali to inspect the construction, as inspection is necessary for completion certificates to be granted.

Should clients require an inspection outside of Riscali's traveling radius; fees could be negotiated between Riscali and the client.
Riscali also does minor civil engineering works on small development roads, storm water and sewage systems.

The Design Process

Firstly Riscali clients will be sent an initial questionnaire where a quote of architectural service and building plans ; works will be calculated from by set formulas, and no thumb sucking will be done by Riscali designers based on the amount of funds you have available. Your interests are taken to heart at Riscali and you are invoiced on the service and product you get, no more.

Once the client approves the initial quote and our draft proposal, the architect phase will kick off by creating a profile for our client/client family. Another detailed questionnaire with some other additional information about likes and dislikes will be assessed in order to start architizing your home. If clients have an active Pinterest profile we urge our clients to send us their Pinterest information so that the Riscali team can start following you on Pinterest to create an extended personality profile, a picture is worth a thousand words after all.

Exchanging information is only the first step to the architectural process, Riscali aims at making their clients part of the process the entire way, and will have frequent design updates throughout the process. Each client will have different preferences to communication, and Riscali is ready to accommodate any of them. If our Online 3D illustrations and virtual videos does not meet your satisfaction our clients are welcome to arrange meetings with Riscali architects within the Riscali radius, by telephone, our office, email or fax machine. Also even if we've started your design, if clients happen to see something they like during a Sunday afternoon stroll, they should feel free to take a picture and send it to us immediately so that we can incorporate everything you like into your building plans.

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